A Brief Description of Kwing Lam CHAN's Research

Astrophysics; atomospheric dynamics; large-scale computation

My research interest is Computational Astrophysics. My current works include:
  1. Differential rotation in stars and outer planets (Jupiter and Saturn);
  2. Weather & climate in South China;
  3. Dynamics of Earth's middle-upper atmosphere.

Representative publications:
  1. K. L. Chan and K. C. Yu, Effects of Compton scattering on the radiation energy spectrum of a radiative fluid, Physics of Fluids 18, 1814 (1975).

  2. K. L. Chan and S. Sofia, Validity tests of the mixing-length theory of deep convection, Science 235, 465 (1987).

  3. K. L. Chan, Rotating convection in f-planes - mean flow and Reynolds stress, Astrophysical Journal 548, 1102 (2001).